Marlow Splicing 2-3mm Pull Fid Rope Splicing Needle Rope44

Small Rope Splicing Needle

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Small Splicing Needle 

The small pull fid is specifically designed to work with small diameter hollow core ropes such as Excel Dyneema® SK78/SK99 upto 3mm.

2 tools in one the splicing needle cleverly acts as a pull fid pulling rope through splices and a needle allowing you to add a Brummel Lock splice and bury taper with relative ease. A great tool to keep as part of your rope splicing kit, especially where you are splicing Dyneema® or Marlow Excel Control.


  • Splicing loops into small hollow core ropes up to 3mm
  • Creating soft shackles
  • Splicing loops in Marlow Excel Control (used for making holes for Brummell Lock)