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Wichard Thimble Captive Pin Halyard Shackles

Wichard Thimble Captive Pin Halyard Shackles

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Ultra Light Thimble Shackle with Captive Pin

Wichard's thimble shackle with captive pin is designed to be spliced to a halyard ensuring both the pin and shackle remain attached at all times-even if somebody accidentally let's go....!  
As with all Wichard products this range of Halyard Shackles offer outstanding working and breaking loads. 


  • Mainsail Halyard Shackles 
  • Applications requiring a Fixed Shackle  


  • 2 sizes with 2 types of pin
  • Standard Captive Pin
  • Allen Head Captive Pin 


  • Forged 316L Grade Stainless Steel 
  • Blue Plastic Thimble Insert


Model For Rope Diameter (mm) Pin Type Working Load Limit (kg) Breaking Strength (kg) Weight (g) Length F (mm) Diameter D (mm)
#1494 8mm-12mm Captive Standard 1,000 3,000 78 76 8
#1495 12mm-16mm Captive Standard 1,520 5,000 146 95 10
#1394 8mm-12mm Captive Allen Head 1,000 3,000 76 76 8
#1395 12mm-16mm Captive Allen Head 1,520 5,000 142 96 10
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