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Tylaska Snap Shackle

Tylaska Snap Shackle

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Tylaska Marine & Aerospace manufactures the world's finest military grade hardware from their base in Connecticut USA, the output from which can be found on almost every Grand Prix race boat, expedition & superyacht on the water. Specified as standard by the world's leading yacht builders. 

"Aerospace grade 17-4PH stainless steel construction gives Tylaska shackles the ultimate in strength-to-weight ratios. The precision engineered U.S. made shackles are constructed to military grade standards. Tylaska’s patented mathematical curvature of the release mechanism allows the shackles to be easily opened even under tremendous loads."


Tim Tylaska, President Tylaska Marine & Aerospace


Increasingly used by those fed up with getting wet on the bow or seeking a safer alternative method of release, T series snap shackles can be triggered remotely using cone or plug fids in place of a bow person triggering via a spike. The image below shows a Tylaska plug fid loaded ready to be pulled out, triggering release. If rigged from the pointed end the fid can trigger from behind the shackle in the cockpit and remain captive. These details are what helps set Tylaska apart. 

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Which Bail to Choose

  • SB – Standard Bails provide ample room for attaching a line while keeping weight and overall shackle length to a minimum. Ideal for halyards and sheets.

  • LB – Large Bails provide room for up to three additional shackles or a combination of shackles and lines. Ideal for spinnaker sheets, guys or other multi-line applications.

  • CB – Clevis Bails do not require splicing and provide moveable attachments to rings, deck fittings, furlers, rolling furlers, etc. Ideal for many uses.

Tylaska T5 Snap Shackle with Plug Fid Remote Release Attached


  • Spinnaker/Gennaker Sheets & Guys
  • Control Lines
  • Preventers / Quick Attach Systems
  • Remote Trigger / Fuse Via Plug or Cone Fid Release


Size Bail Type Throat Width A (mm) Bail Width B (mm) Length C (mm) MBL (kg) Weight (g)
T5 Standard Bail 13.5 12.7 76.7 2,270 62.0
T5 Large Bail 13.5 20.6 85.6 2,270 77.0
T8 Standard Bail 16.0 14.6 88.5 3,630 99.0
T8 Large Bail 16.0 24.1 99.5 3,630 128.0
T12 Standard Bail 18.0 18.2 103.7 5,440 167.0
T12 Large Bail 18.0 28.3 117.3 5,440 230.0
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