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Sweedish Fid

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Traditional Sweedish Fid

Sweedish fid for splicing of multi-strand ropes such as octoplait and 3 strand. 

These fids are of great value for everyday rope work with a high quality finish on the shoulders making it easier to open the strands and reducing the chances of catching fibers. 

Available in two sizes, both made from stainless steel with a wooden handle.

Small 175mm for rope diameters up to 16mm 

Large 275mm for rope diameters above 12mm


  • Traditional Rope Splicing
  • 3 Strand Splicing
  • Octoplait Splicing
  • Mooring Rope Splicing 


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Beachwood Handle 


Size Length (mm) Rope Diameters (mm)
Small 175 up to 16mm
Large 275 12mm +