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Kiteline Race SK99 100m Reel

Kiteline Race SK99 100m Reel

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Handy 100m Reel SK99 270Kg Break Load

Kiteline Race represents the most sustainable solution for Kitelines manufactured using Marlow’s bio-based Dyneema SK99. Pre-stretched and heat set Kiteline race delivers on extreme performance and improved Kite control in all conditions. The lightweight Dyneema SK99 floats, doesn’t absorb water & remains super easy to splice using kiteline splicing needle

Kiteline race is the ultimate solution for high performance competitions, coming into a league of its own on light wind days. Whilst the 1.3mm size may look small it packs a mighty punch with 270kg break load.

Not only used by Kiteboarders, Kiteline is used extensively by top dinghy sailors as a light weight halyard tail on 49ers and other performance boats. 


  • Kitelines
  • Soft Shackles
  • Soft Shackle Tail
  • Dinghy Halyard Tails 
  • Light Weight Lashing Line
  • Tent Guys


  • 12 Strand Bio-Based Dyneema SK99


  • 4 Colours in 1 Diameter
  • Grey, Red, Blue & Yellow
  • 1.3mm


  • This is the upgrade ! 


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