Kingfisher 1mm Neon Flat Lay Waxed Whipping Twine - Fluorescent Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green

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Bright Coloured Whipping Twine Ideal for Hoist Markers, Soft Shackle Pulls and Finishing Rope

Kingfisher partnered with Gottifredi Maffioli to create a range of stunning bright coloured 1mm whipping twines to compliment modern ropes. With a lie flat construction this twine makes whipping's look neater than traditional round twines.  

The waxed finish makes for easier whipping and a better finish to rope ends, joins and rope splicing. Also used for canvas work, horse blanket repairs and general repairs. 

An essential element of every yacht and dinghy toolkit. 

The Neon Whipping Twine is 1mm diameter and comes on 40m spools with an inbuilt clip to protect and secure the spool when not in use. 


  • Whipping & Finishing Rope Ends
  • Whipping Rope Joins
  • Whipping Rope Splices
  • Locking Stiches For Dog Bones
  • Soft Shackle Pulls
  • Repairs To Sails & Canvas
  • Marine Use
  • Halyard and Rope identification using different Twine Colours
  • Sewn in Hoist Markers
  • Sewn in Calibration Marks


  • Braided Polyester


  • 4 Colours in 1 Size
  • Pink, Yellow, Green & Orange 
  • Neon Braided Twine 1mm