Harken Hardware Harken Winch Service Kit Rope44

Harken Winch Service Kit

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Tired of grinding winches?

Maintain peak performance and extend the life of your Harken winches with our genuine Harken Winch Service Kit. This easy-to-use kit provides all the essential parts for routine maintenance, ensuring your winches operate flawlessly when you need them most.

What's included:

  • 10x Pawls: Replace worn pawls for a secure and positive grip under load.
  • 20x Springs: Ensure proper pawl engagement and smooth winching action.
  • 1 X Winch Grease: Ensures easy rotation of winch drum
  • 1 X Pawl Oil: Keeps friction away from pawls, enusiring free running winch drums and secure engaging. 

This kit fits a wide range of Harken winches, including:

  • Radial winches (2-speed: 15 - 70.2, Rewind, UniPower)
  • Performa winches (20)
  • Classic winches (B6 - B980)
  • Fits custom/racing winches (1000.3)

Investing in regular maintenance with a Harken Winch Service Kit offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Performance: Experience smoother operation and reduced winch grinding.
  • Extended Winch Lifespan: Prevent premature wear and tear on your winches.
  • Improved Safety: Ensure reliable winching performance when maneuvering your boat.