Harken Hardware Harken 60mm Element Triple Block Swivel Becket Cam Cleat 6275 Rope44

Harken 60mm Element Triple Block Swivel Becket Cam Cleat 6275

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Harkens Best Value Block Range

The Harken Element Block Range is the go-to range for Cruisers & Performance Cruisers who demand the best in performance and reliability without the cost of over engineering. Designed with innovation and expertise, Element blocks are engineered for maximum durability and strength in a modern, efficient & cost effective block range.

The key difference between Element Blocks and other value ranges lies in the use of forged aluminium side plates, preventing distortion and wear, and increasing the durability of the block. The sheaves are comprised of the same Nylon fibre as used in Harkens Carbo and Furling range.

The range comes with a locking collar for the head post which can be removed to allow free spinning blocks or placed in one of two orientations at 90 degrees.

For best performance, we would typically advise selecting a rope 1 size below the block's maximum line diameter. 

To talk to us about a custom Harken hardware package call us on +44(0)1394 248 707 or email info@rope44.com


  • Halyard & Mast Foot Blocks
  • Sheet Blocks
  • Vangs
  • Backstays
  • Mainsheet Systems
  • Spinnaker Sheets & Guys
  • Reefing
  • General Purpose Tackles
  • Preventers


  • Machined from Forged Aluminium
  • Nylon Fibre Sheave



Description Part No Safe Working Load (kg) Breaking Load
Max Line Size(mm) Shackle/Fastner
(Ø mm)
Triple Block Swivel Becket Cam Cleat 6275 816 1,632 710 12 8