Harken Hardware Harken 40mm Single Zircon Block 2190 Rope44

Harken 40mm Single Zircon Block 2190

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Harken's Most Efficient, Lowest Friction Block Range

Zircon blocks are a game changer for trimmers, with every puff or lull communicated directly through changes in sheet pressure. 

These blocks are suited to trimming applications such as Main, Jib & Spinnaker sheets and work particularly well in displacement classes where gear changes are critical to gain an advantage.

The key to the Zircon block's performance lies in the use of industrial ceramic ball bearings mounted inside caged races. The cages keep these bearings apart so they don’t bunch up, touch, and stop each other, losing less energy to friction than any Harken block range ever produced. The ceramic bearings are more than 700% stronger in compression than stainless bearings of the same size, so, they won’t deform if used within the recommended load limits.

For best performance, we would typically advise selecting a rope 1 size below the block's maximum line diameter. 

To talk to us about a custom Harken hardware package call us on +44(0)1394 248 707 or email info@rope44.com

Full Harken Zircon Block Range here


  • Mainsheet
  • Jib Sheet
  • Spinnaker Sheet
  • Asymmetric Sheet


  • Machined from Zirconium 
  • Ceramic Ball Bearings
  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Sheeve 


Description Part No Safe Working Load (kg) Breaking Load
Max Line Size(mm) Shackle/Fastner
(Ø mm)
Single 2190 115 340 22.9 8 Soft Shackle