Hamma Trigger Snap Shackle

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An Icon Reborn

hamma™ has resurrected the immensely popular Norseman Gibb Navtec snap shackle designs that ceased production before anyone had even heard of the spice girls!

Available in the 3 original swivel versions with far superior break loads than the original the snap shackles have both standard and large bail options making them the perfect end to spinnaker/gennaker sheets and guys.

Standard Bail (SB) provides ample room for attaching a line while keeping the weight and overall shackle length to a minimum.

Large Bail (LB) provides extra room for up to three additional shackles or a combination of extra shackles and lines, for spinnaker/gennaker sheets and guys.

The trigger latch design facilitates the snap shackle to open under load by inserting a fid or spike into the release aperture making foredeck crewing much easier and safer. The spring-loaded trigger is easy to close with only one hand available.

Specifically designed with the opening arm hinged at the top of the shackle head rather than on the side preventing the released arm from snagging on the line or clew you are trying to set free.


  • Spinnaker/Gennaker Sheets & Guys
  • Control Lines
  • Preventers / Quick Attach Systems


Size Bail Type Throat Width (mm) Bail Width (mm) Length (mm) MBL (kg)
Size 1 Small Standard Bail 14.0 14.0 64.5 2,000
Size 1 Small Large Bail 14.0 14.0 69.0 2,000
Size 2 Standard Standard Bail 22.0 20.0 99.5 3,600
Size 2 Standard Large Bail 22.0 25.0 107.5 3,600
Size 3 Large Standard Bail 28.0 25.4 117.0 5,650
Size 3 Large Large Bail 28.0 28.0 129.0 5,650