Marlow Rope 4mm / Grey Excel PS12 Halyard Tail and Lazy Jack Rope44
Excel PS12 in Grey
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Excel PS12 Halyard Tail and Lazy Jack

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Not So Lazy...

PS12 is a fantastic 12 strand hollow braid (core-only) Polyester rope with the same easy to splice and low-weight characteristics of Dyneema, albeit with a bit more stretch. High UV resistance and Marlow's Armourcoat provide the year round protection required from exposed lines such as Lazy Jacks and Halyard Tails.

When used to create Lazy Jacks we recommend using low friction rings in place of traditional blocks. We can splice these elements together to create your perfect lazy jack setup. Please mail or call us to get a quote. 

The 12 strand construction makes for really simple splicing using a suitable sized fid (4mm-6mm), making it perfect for any system where eyes, blocks or low friction rings require attachment. For those with wire halyard setups PS12 is a breeze to replace the traditional 3 strand tails.

For the ultimate Halyard Tail upgrade many of the top 49er sailors are using SK99 Kiteline which is around 1.3mm diameter with a 240kg break load and virtually weightless.


  • Lazy Jacks
  • Halyard Tails
  • Control Lines & Tails
  • Dinghy Halyards
  • Kickers/Vang
  • Cunningham
  • Out/Downhauls
  • General Lashing Lines


  • Core: 12 Strand Braided Heatset Polyester


  • 3 Sizes in 1 Colour
  • Grey
  • 4mm, 5mm, 6mm


Rope Diameter (mm) 4mm 5mm 6mm
Weight (Kg/100m) 1.19 1.91 2.47
Av. Breakload (Kg) 678 1,060 1,330
Min. Breakload (Kg) 610 954 1,200
Spliceable Yes Yes Yes
Taper No No No