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D-Splicer Needle Set

D-Splicer Needle Set

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Splicing Needles for Ropes upto 5mm 

D-Splicers Splicing Needles are used across the world by professional and amateur splicers alike. This set comes with a total of 4 corrisson resistant stainless steel needles; 2 x 1mm and 2 x 1.5mm for ropes upto 5mm.  The needles fit into a high-quality anodized aluminum handle giving a lightweight yet robust feel, built to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Suitable for both double and single braid ropes the needles make it easy to pull cores and covers back on themselves as part of the splice. The needle is designed to grip the rope in the metal legs allowing you to pull it through itself or the cover/core. The length of the needles also ensures you can sufficiently bury the ends to make a neat taper.  

The ultralight needles are compact enough to be carried as part of your everyday rigging / spares bag to help undertake tasks on the boat.

Used by the Rope44 Splicing team.

The kit is supplied in a robust plastic tube for ease of storage and transportation. Spare needles are available. Please contact us if you require replacements. 


  • Single & Double Braid Splicing upto 5mm
  • Adding Chafe Sleeve To Running Rigging & Dock Lines
  • Long Bury Splices & Tapers
  • Endless Loops 

Kit includes

  • 2 x 1mm stainless steel needle (24cm long)
  • 2 x 1.5mm stainless steel needle (26cm long)
  • Aluminium needle handle & instructions

Usage Tip

  • If pulling the core or cover through becomes difficult, stop and taper the offending end. This will make splicing significantly easier and prevent you from breaking needles.
  • Never attach the needle to a door handle, cleat or similar to get an extra purchase. If the end is not pulling through….taper, taper, taper 
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