Cordless Hot Knife for Cutting Marine Rope

Cordless Hot Knife

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Portable Rope Cutting

Marlow's battery powered hot knife makes rope cutting easier than ever with a long lasting, cord free rope cutter with performance equal to that of the traditional corded hot knife. 

From pressing the trigger, the blade takes around 6 seconds to reach cutting temperature, producing a clean, consistent cut, preventing the fibres from unravelling. Perfect for cutting all marine ropes from high performance Dyneema® to traditional Sisal. 

Please note that due to their exceptional heat resistance Aramid fibres will not melt and seal like Polyester, Dyneema®or Spectra®.

Package Contents

  • Carry case
  • Hot Knife 
  • Metal Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x battery pack 14.4V/2.0Ah
  • "R" shaped cutting blade
  • Operating instructions with EC Declaration of Conformity
  • CE Mark


  • Battery Pack 14.4V/2.0Ah

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