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Constrictor Textile Rope Clutch 6mm-14mm Rope

Constrictor Textile Rope Clutch 6mm-14mm Rope

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Safe & Easy Release of Ropes Under Tension 

The Constrictor® Textile Rope Clutch uses a non-aggressive friction locking system to securely hold halyards, sheets & control lines, while allowing for simple, precise and safe release under the heaviest of loads.

Using a textile sock, the clutch employs a fibre to fibre contact which not only extends the life of your ropes over traditional metal cam clutches but also eliminates the need for expensive Dyneema sheething and additional core splicing.

The Constrictor® is up to 30% lighter and 35% stronger than a classic jamming clutch and the tension applied increases the efficiency of the friction system. 

To aid installation, the base features a slotted hole that can be aligned with the fixing points of previous clutches, avoiding the need to re-drill.

Safely Release Under Load
The line can quickly and easily be released under load without the need of a winch, simply by pulling the Dyneema® control lanyard. This can be an important safety consideration in situations where immediate release is required.

Remote Release System
The Constrictor® control lanyard can be extended to provide remote release, making it ideal for applications such as mast-head mounted halyard to eliminate mast compression loads and halyard creep.


  • Halyards
  • Sheets
  • Control Lines
  • Deck Clutch
  • Mast Mounted Clutch
  • Reefing Lines
  • Remote Release


  • Anodised Aluminium Base 
  • Custom Black Technora® high tenacity jacket
  • Dyneema® release drawstring


Model Clutch Size  Ø Rope
Breaking Load
(W) Width
(L) Length
(H) Height
Constrictor Sock
Length (mm)
E min
E max
Ø Screw
CT306P001 Constrictor 6 6 1,150 150 25 115 45 450 70 90 8
CT308P001 Constrictor 8 8 1,800 155 25 115 45 500 70 90 8
CT310P001 Constrictor 10 10 2,100 160 25 115 45 500 70 90 8
CT312P001 Constrictor 12 12 3,500 330 36 126 58 650 70 90 12
CT314P001 Constrictor 14 14 4,350 340 36 126 58 650 70 90 12
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