Allen Hardware A2020Ti3 - Paragliding & Kitesurfing 20mm Ti3 Block Rope44

20mm Ti3 Block

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Flexible, Wallet Friendly Block

Allen’s Tii-On 20mm Blocks represent great value in a modern, lightweight and high strength package suitable for almost any application on a dinghy, kitesurfing rig or paraglider. The central stainless steel axle is designed to be used as a becket giving additional purchase and integration options. The 20mm Sheave will take rope up to 6mm in diameter. For most efficient use we would suggest max 4mm diameter and use the 30mm version if using larger diameter rope. 

The Ti3 was specifically designed for the kite sports and paragliding market with wider opening at the top of the block and flatter sides when compared to the A2020Tii. This design results in a simpler block to thread rope around. The block still fits in the same footprint as the older A2020Tii. This block is available in the options dropdown.

The design features a stainless steel loop at the head of the block to stop the block from capsizing once tied into a system as well as reducing the chance of the cheeks splitting apart. The bearings for the Dynamic Tii range ensure a low friction block.  

If splicing onto a boom or other fitting which is wider than the block a cross splice should be used to reduce the chance of splitting the cheeks. 

Also available is the Tii2 - version more commonly used in dinghy sailing applications.

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Please note these do not come with a soft shackle. Please contact us if you require one. 

When attaching a Tii-Block it’s vital that you go through the loop in the head of the block, around the central axle and then back out through the loop at the top. The Tii-block range must be tied like this otherwise it will fail. Please watch the video! 


  • Paragliding
  • Kite / Foil Rigs
  • Flight Sports
  • Control Lines
  • Mast Base Blocks
  • General Use


  • Impact Resistant Carbon Polymer Cheeks
  • Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Low Friction Polymer Sheave


Model A2020Tii A2020Ti3
Break Load (Kg) 540 540
Max Line Diameter 6mm 6mm
Soft Attach Y Y
Weight (g) 8 8