Rope Splicing & Whipping Services

Rope 44 provides specialist splicing services to create custom rope solutions for both the commercial and leisure markets. Working with world leading rope and hardware manufacturers our rigging team can deliver solutions to meet even the most complex of needs.

Why Splice a Rope? 

Modern dyneema based ropes are a world apart from the original double braid and 3 strand options that many of us grew up with, offering minimal stretch the ropes transfer their load through hardware and fittings in ways never previously thought possible.

Manufacturers advertised break loads are based on a spliced end in place of a knot. This is because knot can reduce the strength of a rope by 50%, whereas a splice can retain 90% of the ropes breaking strength.

A splice also helps to repeat fast, safe or winning settings as the termination is fixed unlike a traditional knot which can be retied in a different position each time. A splice is also significantly less bulky than a knot, enabling freer flowing ropes during tacks, through hardware or in the hand. 

Splicing also allows users to optimise a rope performance through the addition of chafe sleeve in high wear areas, reduce diameter for improved block performance and the integration of hardware such as loops, shackles and blocks. Splicing can also be used where fixed and non-detachable connections are required such as for halyards and sheets

All splicing work by Rope 44 is undertaken in house, hand spliced in the UK using the manufacturers recommend procedures. All splices are test loaded on our bench prior to being signed off and packaged for despatch. 

Types of Splice

  • Covered Eye Splice
  • Uncovered Eye Spice (Dyneema Core Ropes only) 
  • Whipping 
  • Taper 
  • Addition of Chafe Sleeve 
  • Endless Loop 

Rope44 can supply the full selection of ropes from our webshop spliced with eyes and finished to your specification, incorporating your own hardware or purchases from our store. 

Please get in touch by Pink Phone Outline  01394 248 707 pink outline of an email icon or pink outline of a mobile phone iconwhatsapp to discuss a custom rope package or spliced finish.