Supplier Focus: Tylaska

Supplier Focus: Tylaska

Tylaska Marine & Aerospace manufactures the world's finest military grade hardware from their base in Connecticut USA. The outputs of this factory can be found on almost every Grand Prix race boat, expedition & superyacht on the water.

Tylaska have built a reputation for providing unwavering product quality which is why they are specified as standard by the world's leading yacht builders and are particularly prominent in professional environments. 

Unlike many other manufacturers, Tylaska pursues a different product mission. Instead of looking for ways to cut corners and skimp on quality, Tylaska snap shackles are aimed to be the best possible product made based upon physics and not economics. For this reason, every snap shackle is tension pulled to 50% of its breaking strength and released under load before leaving the factory, verifying its ability to hold the stated working load.

They may not be cheap but they represent some of the finest marine hardware produced. 

Tylaska Range 

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